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Nets on Fire doesn’t run or have an AAU team or any other team. We provide courts for training, team practices, and events. Any team practicing at Nets on Fire is ran by that teams coaches. Any payments made for AAU went to their program and not to Nets on Fire. They are two separate entities. For any questions about AAU, we recommend reaching out to the coaches.

As of right now, Nets on Fire does not have a team. We rent our courts to teams to practice and we provide training. We also put on camps, leagues, and tournaments. We are not connected to any team and like to remain a neutral environment where kids from any team can come and play.

One way, is to pay or contribute in some way if you are using the facility or courts. Many people have been using the courts and not paying. We ask that everyone who enjoys the facility help support or contribute in some way. Nets on Fire, is a non-profit and any funds made are used to go back into the Facility, the youth leadership academy, the community, and charity events throughout the year.
Help Maintain
We also appreciate those who take time to help keep our facility clean and take care of the courts and equipment. You can help support by participating in our training, camps, leagues and tournaments. You can also volunteer your time and talents.
Be a Sponsor
Sponsors are critical in being able to provide this amazing facility to our community and youth. We are always looking for more Sponsors.

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